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Hundreds of readers joined the PCTA and PCPP crew, with key players in the PC industry, for a night of techy fun and festivities. A fantastic night was had by all, and one particular reader went home even happier than most, after winning the $10,000 Beast PC. Congratulations, Douglas, it …

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SEC victim of hacking, filing system breached

Hackers may have profited from insider trading by using stolen confidential information The US Securities and Exchange Commission was subject to hacking last year, it has disclosed. It said that its database of corporate announcements was breached and cybercriminals may have used the information for …

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Review: Insta360 One 360-degree camera

Shoot everything and edit later with this 360-degree 4K camera… Smartphones have had 360-degree camera companions for a couple of years now, so what can a new contender possibly bring to the party? Like GoPro’s upcoming Fusion, the big deal with Insta360’s One is software trickery that lets you shoot everywhere before cutting …

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Design and virtually furnish a room using IKEA Place

Do you wince when your partner suggests you head to IKEA on a Sunday morning? Everyone seems to have decided that IKEA is their goto store for furnishing a room and it can be bedlam at a weekend. And that’s if you can get into …

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Review: HP Omen 880-062a desktop gaming PC

Ryzen hits the pre-made market. HP is best known for its reliable range of office and productivity PCs. It’s lesser known for is its gaming range, but over the last few years the company has really been pushing to get into the gaming market. The Omen desktop we’re reviewing here …

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