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Party Hard 2

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Party Hard 2It’s 3am and you just want to get some sleep. Welcome back to Party Hard! Stop parties using hundreds of new ways, incidentally destroy a drug syndicate, and save the Earth from an alien invasion. May the chickens be with you! Publisher: tinyBuild Release Date: Oct 25, 2018

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Warframe Review – 2018

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Warframe Review – 2018 Share. Warframe isn’t an easily approachable game, but it’s one that’s worth getting comfortable with. By Tom Marks [Editor’s Note: With Warframe about to release on Switch on November 20, we’re taking a fresh look at the whole game. We’ll update this review with Switch impressions …

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TSIOQUE Nov 10, 2018 72 Tsioque is recommended to someone who wants to play a nice, dark, smart, but not perfect, point ‘n’ click adventure, while its short duration and the eccentric finale are undoubtedly shortcomings that need to be seriously considered.

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