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Legendary Gary

86819ef18551fc9d2e6e31d568cd2794 98 - Legendary Gary

Legendary Gary The adventure section is deliberately lo-fi and banal, the RPG is episodic to fit within the remit of the narrative, and the battle system feels a little under-utilised. But, despite all of these apparent limitations, the game as a whole is really interesting and deserves to be experienced. …

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A Philosophical Tale Hindered By Flawed Controls

TheRedStringsClub 5F00 610 - A Philosophical Tale Hindered By Flawed Controls

A Philosophical Tale Hindered By Flawed Controls Can you imagine a world where no one can experience negative feelings? Would it help humanity flourish, or would it brainwash us to be mindless robots? The Red Strings Club attempts to answer these questions by delivering an engrossing, philosophical adventure game about …

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Metal Gear Survive Review

metalgearsurvive header 1519438585478 1280w - Metal Gear Survive Review

Metal Gear Survive Review Share. Despite losing the soul of the series, there’s fun in Survive’s resource-gathering base-building loop and co-op action. By Chloi Rad Metal Gear Survive is a weird game. In its sometimes clumsy efforts to merge stealth action, base-building, survival sim, and horror by stitching together pieces …

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Secret of Mana

f40ec4c8319d3d06c15ec96c093c318e 98 - Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana There is simply no excuse for releasing this for money. People putting 10’s or 9’s in the review are nostalgia critics, nothing else. They desperately do not want this game to be bad or to fail, they are ok with this steamy pile of refuse as long …

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Shining A Polished Gem

1519372098 203 review 2D00 610 - Shining A Polished Gem

Shining A Polished Gem Loyalty isn’t easy to come by. The kind of devotion that inspires poets is only built over time. Civilization VI’s new Rise and Fall expansion takes this concept of loyalty and bakes it into Firaxis’ incredibly robust sim. Lead your nation well and you inspire other …

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18d5baa3494a76108c7fd0c588268798 98 - Rust

Rust I should also emphasise that for every memorable interaction you’ll have with another player, there’ll be many where you’re just killed. Rust is a strange, harsh game that’s worth exploring – but only certain parts of it, and only for so long. I’ll never commit to constructing my own …

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