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A Risky Bet

steal610 - A Risky Bet

A Risky Bet Need For Speed has repeatedly attempted to reinvent itself, trying out new twists within the arcade racing milieu to stay fresh after 20 years of releases. In pursuit of that novelty, Payback throws an enormous array of activities at the wall to see what might stick, including …

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Rip And Tear To Go

DOOM 5F00 Switch 5F00 610 - Rip And Tear To Go

Rip And Tear To Go One of the internet’s many running jokes is seeing how many devices people can get to run the original Doom. We’ve seen intrepid coders port the world’s first blockbuster first-person shooter to iPods, printers, and even ATMs. While most any modern device can be jerry-rigged …

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Making Incremental Gains

review 2D00 610 - Making Incremental Gains

Making Incremental Gains Sometimes being a WWE fan is hard. Keeping up with the weekly shows requires a massive time commitment. Your favorite wrestlers are constantly getting hurt or thrown into terrible storylines. Even friends and family sometimes roll their eyes at your Austin 3:16 shirts. But one of the …

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Plagued By Centipeetles

stevenuniverse 5F00 610 - Plagued By Centipeetles

Plagued By Centipeetles Steven Universe is a show that has cultivated a strong following thanks to its Venn-diagram overlap of immortal aliens and frequent lessons on the importance of empathy. It’s a strange combination that works surprisingly well, and though it has seen a few video game adaptions, Save the …

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A Tasty Treat For Puzzle Fans

batltechef2 - A Tasty Treat For Puzzle Fans

A Tasty Treat For Puzzle Fans Battle Chef Brigade is a weird, delightful, and intense match-three cooking game that also pushes players to hunt for ingredients through fervent hack-and-slash combat. This strange hybrid of genres works surprisingly well, as both push for speed and precision. One botched combat encounter or …

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Review

skyrimspe k4vx 1511384322059 1280w - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Review

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Review Share. The best way to experience Skyrim is also the worst way to play it. By Dan Stapleton When VR headsets became a reality, I made a list of games I wanted to experience from that perspective. It was primarily games with fantastic …

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