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A Sandbox For Predators

gorg610 - A Sandbox For Predators

A Sandbox For Predators Orcs scatter as my drake makes another pass over the fortress, breathing fire into their ranks as they scramble to cover. I leap off and dive hundreds of feet, landing in a shockwave that scatters allies and foes alike. In a flash of savage strikes, my …

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An Up And Down Debut

Towns610 - An Up And Down Debut

An Up And Down Debut Nintendo console owners who enjoy sports sims have rarely had the chance to scratch that itch on the company’s recent platforms. Outside of some first-party arcade sports games, options on the Wii and Wii U ranged between subpar to nonexistent. Prospects are looking up for …

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More Of A Good Thing

pfx610 - More Of A Good Thing

More Of A Good Thing After years of plunking down change for Zen Studios’ endless stream of licensed and original DLC table packs, pinball fans finally have a proper sequel to get excited about. Not only does Pinball FX 3 unify all of Zen’s platforms under one umbrella, it offers …

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Spintires: MudRunner

bb0dddb871d2c62c983fa9c1e6a86126 98 - Spintires: MudRunner

Spintires: MudRunner What S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is to Fallout, Spintires: MudRunner is to Euro Truck Simulator. They share the same DNA, but a gorgeously grim environment and ruthless challenge push the former into its own level of greatness, despite a few technical hiccoughs here and there. MudRunner’s sandbox mode, simplified controls and …

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Restrictor Plated

f76.15610 - Restrictor Plated

Restrictor Plated The first few hours of Forza are intoxicating as credits are stuffed into your hand, the upgrade possibilities are seemingly endless, and each race takes you one step closer to…something. Get settled in, however, and the fussy structure and changes from previous Forzas become irksome as they limit …

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A Hat in Time

6d424f38b839358bdd225f335208d00c 98 - A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time A Hat in Time is a delicately crafted, sixth-generation-inspired platformer. The level of detail found throughout the world is absolutely astounding. The gameplay is very reminiscent of Mario’s early forays into 3D-platforming with chapter based encounters. There are a current total of five unique chapters, which …

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