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97523cf39d22dbeeed8d31acafd8dd3e 98 - Celeste

Celeste Matt Thorson, the game’s designer, is clearly a master of platforming mechanics, as evidenced by his work on TowerFall and some truly insane Super Mario Maker levels…Celeste reaches beyond, showing that tricky, well-designed platforming challenges are really just the tip of the iceberg. There’s far more underneath the surface. …

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Majestic Monsters And Where To Find Them

mhwrev610 - Majestic Monsters And Where To Find Them

Majestic Monsters And Where To Find Them The latest game in the Monster Hunter franchise brings the core elements that have made the franchise a cult classic – difficult battles, fun and interesting progression, and stomping on dinosaurs with your friends – and opens the door for a deluge of …

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Monster Hunter: World Review

monsterhunterworldblog 1516809712015 1516811716019 1280w - Monster Hunter: World Review

Monster Hunter: World Review Share. Bold and newly beautiful, this RPG demands to be played on its own terms. By Joe Skrebels Game subtitles so rarely tell us anything about what’s inside the box. How can warfare be infinite, who was actually doing the reckoning in Kingdoms of Amalur, and …

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c41ee0ec97a8e7ad77cfddcd95e38ad8 98 - Nantucket

Nantucket Nantucket is a strangely compelling and addictive game that acts as a follow up to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. While it can be quite repetitive, it’s this loop as you develop your ship and crew that lets the game sink its harpoon into you. With a great visual design …

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Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 4: What Ails You

8a85c26e997e5599f1a71c1b7a1c280d 98 - Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 4: What Ails You

Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 4: What Ails You Just when I think Telltale has run out of places to go, and that I’ve finally figured out the hook to their plans with John Doe and his eventual transformation into full-fledged Joker-dom, they pull Crazy Ivan and give me …

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The Red Strings Club

1c12de512ec1377781f6c1934866722a 98 - The Red Strings Club

The Red Strings Club Sadly, The Red Strings Club will fool some into thinking it follows in the footsteps of classics from WadjetEye Games purely because of its aesthetics. Do not be mistaken, though. This is not a patch on any of that company’s releases, nor is it affiliated with …

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