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Seeking Dawn

Seeking Dawn Seeking Dawn is the kind of title you have a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand when it works smoothly it’s a really fun and beautiful VR experience to play, with masses of content and hours and hours of gameplay. Unfortunately it’s not perfect, with plenty of …

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A Not-Always-Dynamic Duo

A Not-Always-Dynamic Duo A Way Out must be played with a partner in crime, creating cooperation, antagonism, and communication between the game’s two characters, Leo and Vincent. Fugitives on the run, the pair confront a wide gamut of experiences, bringing them together both in the shared purpose of revenge and …

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Earthfall Review

Earthfall Review Share. There’s not much reason to play this derivative co-op shooter when Left 4 Dead 2 already exists. By James Duggan Frankly, I was never able to successfully shake the phrase “Left 4 Dead, but worse” from my mind during my time with Earthfall. Admittedly, Valve is one …

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Fun In A Shallow Pool

Fun In A Shallow Pool Sea of Thieves is like the kiddy-pool at the waterpark. They’re both pirate-themed, they both feature fun activities improved by having friends with you, and they’re both shallow in the interest of keeping things entertaining without being dangerous. The stories Sea of Thieves gifts you …

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Danger Zone 2 Review

Danger Zone 2 Review By Ryan McCaffrey The highway to the Danger Zone is, in fact, an actual highway this time. Danger Zone 2 is, in everything but name, a direct successor to the beloved Crash mode in Burnout Revenge, in the very best of ways. This colorful game of …

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Nintendo recuts a semiprecious stone

Nintendo recuts a semiprecious stone The software lineup for the Switch’s second year doesn’t measure up to its blockbuster opening year. Fortunately, Nintendo still has a volume of critical hits that launched on the underperforming Wii U to help pad out a thin release calendar. Titles like Mario Kart 8 …

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