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New Mysteries In A Familiar World

frozenwilds610 - New Mysteries In A Familiar World

New Mysteries In A Familiar World Horizon Zero Dawn is already one of the best games of 2017 thanks to a gorgeous open world, pitch-perfect combat (against robot dinosaurs!), and an enticing mystery. Even though Horizon’s ending answered all the questions surrounding Aloy’s past, players still want more of the …

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Running A Familiar Route

Sonic Forces 5F00 Modern05 2D00 610 - Running A Familiar Route

Running A Familiar Route In Sonic Forces, Dr. Eggman remedies his decades of disappointment by aligning with Infinite, a being who can replicate Sonic’s greatest enemies to have them all gang up on him at once. Similarly, Sonic Team has remedied its recent struggles by piecing together things that have …

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A Faithful But Inferior Port

sims4console 5F00 610 - A Faithful But Inferior Port

A Faithful But Inferior Port When The Sims 4 launched in 2014, it omitted some seemingly standard components (like toddlers and swimming pools) in favor of running better on inexpensive PCs. Despite introducing the alluring feature of sims with more diverse moods and emotions, the new entry felt like a …

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Closing The Loop

Closing The Loop Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy is certainly the most sentimental version of these characters I’ve encountered. Across the scope of five episodes, Telltale’s interpretation maintains the goofy scoundrel vibe the series has become known for, but the bigger focus falls on the the character studies of these …

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Left-Hand Path

de3dfd64029a8883130c5f6b12185bbf 98 - Left-Hand Path

Left-Hand Path Developer Strange Company is to be lauded for creating a VR RPG that is lengthy and far more substantial than so many of its brethren. While aesthetically Left-Hand Path can’t quite overcome the technical limits of the Rift or Vive, it is built on a magical combat system …

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Titan Quest: Ragnarok

dbd3c8768da25712b3d308d90fb4fdde 98 - Titan Quest: Ragnarok

Titan Quest: Ragnarok A true pleasure to return to Titan Quest 11 years later. A good surprise from THQ Nordic in 2017. This game is a true nostalgic breath of fresh air for many PC players. Is it a sign for a come back of the license, perhaps with a …

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