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A Disappointing Gothic Tale

bm 5F00 01 5F00 610 - A Disappointing Gothic Tale

A Disappointing Gothic Tale Black Mirror, a revival of the 2003 adventure game The Black Mirror, tells an all-new tale of murder, deceit, and powerful magic surrounding the Gordon family. Although it has some clever puzzles, Black Mirror fails to deliver in other ways, from its confusing story to heavy …

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Rocket League Review – Updated

rocket league updated review 1280 1512524221343 1280w - Rocket League Review – Updated

Rocket League Review – Updated Share. What a save! What a save! What a save! By Brandin Tyrrel When I initially reviewed Rocket League in on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2015, and Xbox One in 2016, I gave it an 8.0 for “Great.” Here’s what I said then: “Whether …

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Doom VFR Review

doomvfr 1280 1512517776145 1280w - Doom VFR Review

Doom VFR Review Share. Take on the Cyberdemon on his own turf. By Dan Stapleton So far, the most common way to adapt an existing first-person shooter to VR has been to turn it into a shooting gallery, where you hold still and shoot targets as they pop up. Doom …

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The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC Review

surgedlc 1280 1512440500469 1280w - The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC Review

The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC Review Share. Welcome to Glitchy and Smashy Land. By Jon Ryan I mostly enjoyed my time with The Surge (read the full review) when it came out back in May, and I’m glad to have an excuse to jump back into its …

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New Mysteries In A Familiar World

frozenwilds610 - New Mysteries In A Familiar World

New Mysteries In A Familiar World Horizon Zero Dawn is already one of the best games of 2017 thanks to a gorgeous open world, pitch-perfect combat (against robot dinosaurs!), and an enticing mystery. Even though Horizon’s ending answered all the questions surrounding Aloy’s past, players still want more of the …

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Running A Familiar Route

Sonic Forces 5F00 Modern05 2D00 610 - Running A Familiar Route

Running A Familiar Route In Sonic Forces, Dr. Eggman remedies his decades of disappointment by aligning with Infinite, a being who can replicate Sonic’s greatest enemies to have them all gang up on him at once. Similarly, Sonic Team has remedied its recent struggles by piecing together things that have …

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