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A Plague On Multiple Fronts

A Plague On Multiple Fronts When making a sequel, most studios make it a priority to build on the strengths of the original while patching up weaknesses. State of Decay 2 gets the first part right. Five years after the first game clawed its way to cult-favorite status, Undead Labs …

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Yoku's Island Express

Yoku's Island Express Yoku’s Island Express brought something to the table few games, even among those I enjoyed, have managed to recently – a true sense of freshness. It really is unlike most games on the market, and it manages to grow beyond this defining gimmick, nailing almost every other …

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Part Pinball. Part Metroidvania. All Fun

Part Pinball. Part Metroidvania. All Fun If you can wrap your brain around what developer Villa Gorilla calls an “open-world Metroidvania pinball adventure,” and you don’t mind playing as a spry dung beetle, you’re in for a unique and wholly satisfying treat. Yoku’s Island Express turns the simple action of …

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Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness

Far Cry 5: Hours of DarknessWendell Redler is more than just a Hope County resident, he’s a veteran soldier of the Vietnam War. Listen to him recount his glory days as you travel back in time to war-torn Vietnam to take down Viet-Cong. Trapped behind enemy lines, rescue your squad …

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An Engaging Game Of Choice

An Engaging Game Of Choice One of my favorite Christmas traditions is watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the stop-motion animated TV special from 1964. This holiday classic takes a dark turn when Rudolph visits an island occupied by toys no one wants or could love anymore. Forgotton Anne explores this …

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Unravel Two Review

Unravel Two Review Share. It takes two to tangle. By Daniel Krupa I remember the first Unravel more for its adorable protagonist and lush setting than as a puzzle platformer. But Unravel 2 goes a long way to change that, tabling a more accomplished, and at times demanding, platforming experience …

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