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A Damn Dirty Disappointment

planetapes1212 2D00 610 - A Damn Dirty Disappointment

A Damn Dirty Disappointment This year marked the end of the rebooted Planet of the Apes film trilogy, but fans don’t have to say goodbye quite yet. Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier offers an all-new story set between the second and third films, which shows another example of the …

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Hello Neighbor

5c469694b4b64aa2f138d80cd061e90d 98 - Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor I’m just going to leave a quick unbiased review and move on to some other games. (Hello Neighbor) has a lot of potential and can be a pretty fun game when it works, again when it works. There are so many game breaking bugs that just taints the …

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Miserable Stealth Action

Miserable Stealth Action Hello Neighbor makes a strong first impression. With its Dr. Seuss-like artistic vision of an idyllic neighborhood hiding a terrible secret, the opening cinematic, featuring our curious protagonist spying on his neighbor, drew me in immediately. Too bad the illusion came crashing down shortly after that. The …

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A Strong Swansong

1513116713 ZeldaBallad610 - A Strong Swansong

A Strong Swansong A common refrain you might hear from someone who’s finished one of today’s massive open-world games is that they would have liked any excuse to explore more of that world. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s second (and likely final) DLC, The Champion’s Ballad, is …

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TLOZ: Breath of the Wild: The Champions' Ballad DLC Review

untitled 3 1513100978948 1280w - TLOZ: Breath of the Wild: The Champions' Ballad DLC Review

TLOZ: Breath of the Wild: The Champions' Ballad DLC Review Share. We are the champions. By Joe Skrebels If The Champions’ Ballad is indeed the last new content we see for Breath of the Wild, it doesn’t feel like much of a send-off. This web of new overworld trials and …

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At Least It’s Short

At Least It’s Short I appreciate short games built to execute specific, modest concepts. The world of indie games is filled with these kinds of focused experiences, and Gorogoa can certainly be described in this way. However, I simply did not connect with its vision; the narrative is too ambiguous …

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