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Kerbal Space Program: Making History

Kerbal Space Program: Making History Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion is a decent first expansion to the fantastic and expansive game. Offering something for everyone, the DLC provides a set of interesting, but not totally satisfying missions, some new items for the whole of the game, and a mission …

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Fun In A Shallow Pool

Fun In A Shallow Pool Sea of Thieves is like the kiddy-pool at the waterpark. They’re both pirate-themed, they both feature fun activities improved by having friends with you, and they’re both shallow in the interest of keeping things entertaining without being dangerous. The stories Sea of Thieves gifts you …

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PUBG Mobile Review

PUBG Mobile Review Share. Controls are obviously an issue, but it’s amazing to see this full-fledged battle royale on mobile. By David Jagneaux If you’d said a month ago that PUBG Mobile would run better than PUBG on Xbox, and that it’d be free, you’d have gotten a lot of …

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Sea of Thieves

Sea of ThievesBe The Pirate You Want To Be – With musket loaded and grog in hand, the freedom of the pirate life awaits. What will your legend be? An epic multiplayer adventure. Crew up and set sail on memorable voyages. Make and break your pirates’ code on the Sea …

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Detective Pikachu Review

Detective Pikachu Review Share. Developer Creatures offers a great new kind of Pokemon adventure with its wonderful coffee-loving lead. By Miranda Sanchez Detective Pikachu ignores the precedent set by Ash and his iconic Pikachu partner; its protagonist isn’t a trainer, its Pikachu is snarky, and it invites Pokemon from all …

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A Way Out

A Way OutThe story of A Way Out begins in prison with two separate inmates, Leo and Vincent, who don?t know each other. While their individual stories progress, players have to build a relationship based on trust as they break both men out of prison into the world beyond. This …

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