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Pit People Review

Pit People Review Share. Chaos, comedy, and tactics intersect in a messy but fun game. By TJ Hafer Most turn-based tactical RPGs give me the sense that I’m guiding a crack squad of elite soldiers through deadly engagements with quick thinking and military precision. Pit People, on the other hand, …

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Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive Metal Gear Survive is the game I want it to be about…10% of the time. When there’s a rare section where stealth is the best approach. When I just manage to defeat the final wave on a protection mission, thanks to strategic placement of defences. When I’m …

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If You Give A Mouse A Mission

If You Give A Mouse A Mission Moss represents an experiment inside the already-experimental world of virtual reality. It’s a third-person platformer, but it’s played from the perspective of a second character inhabited by the player. I have played games like this before – essentially an action game with an …

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review Share. A decent combat system is undermined by a sluggish story and bland world. By Heidi Kemps The Sword Art Online anime poses the question of what happens when virtual games have life-or-death consequences? Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a game that poses …

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Brass Tactics

Brass Tactics Brass Tactics is a big step forward for RTS games in VR. The tactile feeling of picking up, directing, and interacting with units using your own hands is excellent and the mixture of single player, as well as both cooperative and competitive multiplayer, all adds up to one …

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Lifeless Space

Lifeless Space The Station tells a science-fiction story we’ve all heard before. Earth has lost contact with a crew aboard a space station, and you are sent in to investigate what happened to them. This premise usually reveals flesh-eating aliens, rogue A.I., or astronauts suffering from space madness. However, none …

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