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Farming Simulator 19

496d06a4c7fad488605d24ea5098781c 98 - Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 Even though Farming Simulator 19 is much better then previous versions, I can’t help but wonder how much better it could have been if they had taken a few additional steps. Perhaps Giants is waiting to use a new graphics engine to give it a complete overhaul? …

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Battlerite Royale Early Access Review

battleriteroyale 1280 1539198116075 1280w - Battlerite Royale Early Access Review

Battlerite Royale Early Access Review Share. MOBA like it’s 2018. By James Duggan The combination of a MOBA and battle royale sounds like an almost satirical welding of one hot genre to the next. But Battlerite Royale’s polished combat and clear understanding of both of its distinct parts make the …

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Luigi's Mansion for 3DS Review

luigismansion3ds blogroll 1539282934811 1280w - Luigi's Mansion for 3DS Review

Luigi's Mansion for 3DS Review Share. Honorable mansion. By Jared Petty Genre distinctions are supposed to exist for our convenience, but Luigi’s Mansion defies them all. It exists somewhere between a kid-friendly take on survival horror, a competent puzzle adventure, and a terrific unlicensed Ghostbusters game. The new 3DS version …

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The Quiet Man Review

thequietman 1280 1541525753221 1280w - The Quiet Man Review

The Quiet Man Review Share. Silence isn’t always golden… By David Griffin In something of a reversal of the usual result of games that use live-action cutscenes, Human Head’s ambitious attempt to tell a story from the perspective of a deaf protagonist gets a lot more right about its video …

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Battlefield V – Multiplayer Review

battlefieldvmultiplayer 1280 1542473657491 1280w - Battlefield V - Multiplayer Review

Battlefield V – Multiplayer Review Share. Some great new ideas move combat in the right direction, but glitches and half-baked features reduce the glory. By James Duggan Welcome, Battlefield fans! This year, we’ve broken up the review into its single-player and multiplayer components to give fans of each style of …

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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

7c447428d4bab234c73a68920f46c4c2 98 - Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Gwent clearly learns from other digital collectible card games that have carved their niche out of the market, but its play style offers up an entirely different type of challenge. It’s one that requires some investment, and hard decisions on which Faction you’d like to …

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