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92aa5f1ac6f31f737e7a437d08ea109c 98 - GRIS

GRIS Gris is an incredible achievement, using its art, music, and gameplay to tell a thematically consistent story about a woman overcoming her grief. Despite the weighty subject matter, the way its protagonist’s triumph over sorrow is reflected in increasingly fluid and diverse platforming makes it a joy to play. …

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Gris Review – Not All Who Wander Are Lost

grisreview1500a - Gris Review – Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Gris Review – Not All Who Wander Are Lost The protagonist of Gris charts her own way out of sadness, and while grief is often navigated alone, that is not necessarily the case here. Her path isn’t straightforward, but the game’s well-designed gameplay and levels don’t make you feel helpless …

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Hades Early Access Review

hades 1280 1544656728364 1280w - Hades Early Access Review

Hades Early Access Review Share. Supergiant’s foray into Early Access is epic, and not just because it’s about Greek mythology. By Mike Epstein What does it take to make a great run-based game? Tight combat, of course. A variety of mix-and-match abilities that interact in interesting ways, certainly. Procedurally generated …

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8b99d7ef50883cd3d7cc8375441f08c7 98 - KURSK

KURSK Jujubee S.A.’s efforts in creating a different narrative style is admirable, and they did a great job in designing a solid atmosphere and a dynamic environment. But when it comes to presenting a video game inspired by real historical events, KURSK falls a little bit short, and besides that …

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Katamari Damacy Reroll Review

katamarireroll blogroll 1544569762205 1280w - Katamari Damacy Reroll Review

Katamari Damacy Reroll Review Share. Somewhere, over the royal rainbow. By Cam Shea I’d like to share a truth with you. And that truth is that even Time – that Great Devourer of early polygonal graphics, that beast which hath smote and sullied many a PSone and PS2 icon, that …

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