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River City Girls Review – Trading Punches

river city girls 2019 06 27 14 46 35 18 - River City Girls Review – Trading Punches

River City Girls Review – Trading Punches During the glory days of arcades, the brawler genre was king. Practically every virtual street was packed with goons and bosses waiting for beatdowns, and players were all too happy to oblige. The River City series was an innovator of this era, incorporating …

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Fantasy General II

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Fantasy General II Despite having a lengthy campaign and sound gameplay mechanics, a number of technical hiccups, randomized rewards, and egregious repetitiveness hold back Fantasy General 2. It tries to combine a unique fantasy RPG experience with wargaming strategy, but it falls just a little bit short on both counts.

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Catherine: Full Body Review

catherinefullbody blogroll 01 1567574355583 - Catherine: Full Body Review

Catherine: Full Body Review Even eight years after its initial release, there’s still nothing quite like the fever dream that is Catherine. It remains an excellent fusion of thrilling block pushing puzzle mechanics and an exciting love story about the deathly consequences of infidelity. Catherine: Full Body is a complete …

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Gears 5

edcea8ca80066b43903701a0035c8c34 98 - Gears 5

Gears 5 With Gears 5, there’s a lot to love. The campaign is solid, making bold pushes in brave directions, and continues to be a hoot with friends. The story ultimately failed to fulfil its potential, but compelling gameplay keeps things moving. Horde continues to be a brilliant binge of …

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