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Astral Chain Review – An Explosive Battlefield Duet

media 4.image  - Astral Chain Review – An Explosive Battlefield Duet

Astral Chain Review – An Explosive Battlefield Duet PlatinumGames has a long and successful history of making stylish-action games, and Astral Chain is one of its most accomplished and enjoyable entries to date, giving both Bayonetta and Nier: Automata a run for their money. Acrobatic combat is the beating heart …

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66aa3716134a3f79fe10f097fd63424d 98 - Minoria

Minoria For the spiritual sequel of the Momodora games, Minoria doesn’t really do much to separate itself from them, or add some new mechanics. For some that won’t be a problem. Those thirty for more of the same will definitely enjoy this short, marvellously gloomy, and pleasantly unforgiving journey. Undoubtedly, …

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Control Review

control review blogroll 1566764031506 - Control Review

Control Review I wish Remedy could make even more games, because Control reminded me of this studio’s knack for crafting engrossing, oddball worlds with an incredible sense of place. Control is perhaps Remedy’s weirdest yet, with the talking upside down pyramid who’s also your boss being about the sixth-strangest part. …

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Pagan Online

3865aee7fc971e1f5d9d33f83a7fd182 98 - Pagan Online

Pagan Online As of writing the game has been released in Early Access The game to me is a fresh take on ARPG style. It evolves around a central hub, think Phantasy Star Dreamcast. From this hub you have your crafting, vendor, progression etc all in one place, all players …

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