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Why You Need A Gym Buddy

Gym buddies might conjure to your mind two fist bumping vest touting teenagers yelling “All you bro All you!”. Well, the benefits of having a gym buddy far outweigh just the occasional loud rep or two. There are four reasons that we can get into that will show that a …

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Pullups – All you need to know

Pullps, chinups, basically pulling yourself up over a bar.  Well there can be a lot more to it than just that, but let’s take a look at what you need to know about this basic and awesome movement. What are your aims? Are you goals to get bigger? To get stronger? …

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IIFYM Explained

Is there a way that you can eat pizza, ice cream and donuts and still become ripped? I know, sounds like the beginning of a lame sales pitch about a revolutionary new diet, or pill or exercise machine. However, that is essentially the way that the commentary for the diet …

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How to Squat; a step by step guide

Known in gym circles as The king of all exercises. The question is how do you start on the road of Squat mastery? Let’s take a good look at why you should squat, how to squat, and starting your squat training. Why You Should Be Squatting Everyone tells you that …

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Bench Press for Beginners

The quintessential gym movement. The Bench Press, for some reason has become the go to exercise for wannabe gym warriors all over the world. Whenever a person joins a gym, invariably the first movement they start with is the bench press. If you are a beginner, let’s talk about the bench …

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Shoulder Day..

Push Press {3, 3, 2, 2, 1 reps 5 sets,} Start position: Use shoulder-taking techniques from the floor described in a power-clear exercise to carry the shoulder to the shoulders. Moving forward step: Wholesale and knees take a bit, Torso stands. Move the explosives forward by increasing the knees immediately. …

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