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Terminator: Resistance

Terminator: Resistance

I wasn’t reviewing any games for a long time but I see there is many insidious reviews made by IGN and others etc. When I want to play a game, I always consider last users reviews first. Because these reviews are the true one which is not paid by richer companies. So, if take away fake reviews by main pages, I would like to say what I saw in this game.

First of all, this is a genre classic game which based on story of it’s origins. The developers made this game on a very low budget and I believe if they had some opportunities like Ea, Bethesda, Blizzard etc. they could be created an absolute over 9 point game from it!
I always consider those elements when I play video games.

1st Story! Which must be connected to players as emotional with ambience. Not a dull or empty story like Fallout 76 or Death Stranding did. Game shouldn’t make players to be feel playing in an empty world. But Terminator Resistance have a good story telling which is a way to connect to Terminator 1&2 movies. I really liked it. I recognized many areas like in these “Future War” scenes. If they hadn’t the lack of budget, probably these area details could be immensive. (9/10)

2nd is about game play mechanics! I must confess that game mechanics were decent to simple build for a decent FPS game. Game menus, inventory and option etc. were simple. That’s enough to play a FPS game but always can be better some way. (7/10)

3rd is about atmosphere! Honestly, I really like to hear classic Terminator soundtracks even at very intensive fights against Terminators. But Brad Fiedel’s Love Scene themed song was the only one did hit shot on my heart! Map areas also fine but again lack of details were only problem. However still it’s enough to get to high points by it’s own for a low budged game! (8/10)

4rd and last thing about graphics! I always consider graphics as a last resort in my priority. I really don’t like Motion Blur effects and not only this game, several couple of games are not giving a choice to completely OFF these blurry graphics. I had to play the game at low details of Post Processing. There is not many games success to prevent Motion Sickness with their intensive graphics lately. So, I was not happy about low detail of graphics. Graphics feels like I was playing this game early 2010. So, I will give this to budget issue again. Could be better with better opportunities if Teyon had. On this point (6/10)

So, my final verdict for this game is about between 7&8 But I would like to give a credit to this game and it’s deserving it. We need some decent story based games more than dull made, empty open world games.

Note: I’m still waiting for an adventure FPS/RPG Jurassic Park themed game as well. Last time I played these “Dino Crisis and JP Trespasser” back then earlier 2000. These were only good dino games that I remember.

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