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The Best Way To Get Rid of Belly Fat

Tired of carrying around belly fat? It seems to be the constant curse of modern times. The food we eat, and our lifestyle makes it all too easy to have a soggy midsection. So how can you defeat the belly? It is not complicated. Let us spell it out for you below. We will be attacking this project with three things, your mind, your food and your body.

Your Mind

Without first creating the mental environment you need to lose weight, you will pretty much stay fat indefinitely. So how can you get your brain into gear, and help you rid yourself of your belly fat?


This sounds simple, but it is surprising how many people will want to lose their belly fat, but they don’t truly commit to it. By not fully committing, you are setting yourself up for failure. So how can you truly commit? Well, the first thing to realize is that reading a few articles online, feeling inspired and getting excited is not enough. You need more. Try this:

Write Down Your Goal

Be specific, how much you want to lose. When you will lose it by. What you are going to look like. After you have done this, you are to write this down every single day, three times per day. It seems ridiculous, but these need to be hammered into your mind. Brainwash yourself, and then your mind will realize you are serious about your goal.

Visualise Your Goal

Along with writing your goal down, you are going to close your eyes for five minutes per day, and imagine your body the way you want it. How you are going to feel with your ideal physique, how other people will react, how your daily life will change. Feel it as if you are there already. Do this everyday, it will drive you toward your goal in ways you can’t imagine.

Be Realistic

This is not saying that you should pick goals that seem big. You should pick huge goals! But, if you are 250 lbs, and your goal is to become 180, then don’t expect it to happen in three weeks. Unrealistic expectations are different from ambitious expectations. Be ambitious, but don’t think that your physique will be fixed in one week!


This will be the advice any personal trainer will give you. Anyone who has ever achieved anything noteworthy will tell you that being consistent everyday is the key to success. You will have days, maybe most days, where you don’t want to eat right, where you don’t want to train. This is where your mindset, your visualizations and your desire for consistency will push you. You being consistent will be the most important mental adjustment to make. Inconsistency will make you frustrated, and your physique will barely change.


Your Food

This is the easy bit, well on paper. But if you keep up with the points in section 1 about your mind, you will be able to conquer the requirements for your food. We all want to eat fatty, carby sugary rubbish. It tastes good, it makes you temporarily happy, but it makes you fat. So always remember your goals, and follow the following principles.


You are going to restrict your calories. If you are overweight, you are eating too many, it is that simple. So spend three days eating how you normally would, and write everything you eat down (or use myFitnessPal) and see on average how many calories you are consuming.Then use this app here and it will give you how many you should be eating. Here you can play around with the calories a little. Don’t cut them in half, it will be too much of a shock. Reduce them by 2 or 3 hundred first. Then you can reduce them more and more if you need to. Your body will use the calorie deficit to eat fat. Simple. But this doesn’t mean that if you were eating 3000 calories of cake, you can now just eat 2700 calories of cake per day. What you eat is important.


There are plenty of articles about what split of macronutrients (carbs, fat, and protein) you should be eating. But let’s keep it simple for now. When you are competing in a bodybuilding contest, then we can get into more detail. For now do three things. 1) Eat green vegetables at every meal. 2) Eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. 3) Drink 7-8 liters of water per day. Simple. If you do this, and stick to your calorie allowance for the day, you will get into shape, we promise. For green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, you can eat an unlimited amount of these, to binge on these would be just impressive.


If you are in the habit of eating processed sugary foods all the time, then this change might be alot to adjust to immediately. If this is the case, then allow yourself some mental space. You will have cravings, and these are normal. If you have fulfilled everything in the sections above, and still have some spare calories, then indulge in a little treat. Make sure you do not go over your calories. Just remember, that the less junk food you have the quicker you will make progress! Balance is needed for long term progress, so within the framework of calories and macros, if you can have a little ice cream, and you feel it will help you keep sane, then go for it!

Your Body

This is the part you expected to be at the beginning! But in reality, it is probably the simplest part of getting lean! Let’s look at three things you need to do with your body to make sure you are going to get lean!


Sounds simple, but it is an amazing ritual to add into your daily life. Before you eat breakfast, maybe have a quick coffee and go for a brisk walk. Don’t get too scientific about it, just listen to an audio book or walk among nature. You can use this time to visualize your success with your body. Why do this? Well essentially, your body will be using fat stores to power than gentle walk in the morning. It works like hell, so do it. The fat will fall off.

Hit The Gym 3 Times

Three times per week, 45 mins each time. It is nothing. You can do it, and you must do it to ensure you get into the best shape, as quick as possible. You can use any of the endless list of weight training routines we have on this site. Essentially, pick something that focuses on compound movements. And do some HIIT too. Work hard, work fast, get out. That’s it. This is very important to get your body into a real fat burning furnace, your metabolism will increase, and you will reach your goals hundreds of times faster.

Measure & Track

This is a simple point, but you need to keep eyes of your progress. Measure your waist/chest/ass etc once per week, and keep a log. Take pictures once per week. Watch the progress from week to week, it will keep you realistic about your progress, and spur you on to keep pushing.

So follow these three steps for your mind, your food and your body and you will be sculpting your ideal physique in no time at all!

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