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The Most Effective Workout Plans

The Most Effective Workout Plans

With all the thousands of workout plans out there to choose from, you need something that is going to give you the most bang for your buck.

First of all, you need to answer a question. What is your training goal? We can break down training aims into two categories. These categories are broad, but they pretty much encapsulate everything we need. So which of the two below categories are you training for?

To clarify what we mean by both, performance means strength, speed, explosiveness, etc. If you are playing a sport or wanting to be stronger then this is what you should select. If you are just hoping to look better naked, then you choose looks. Easy! Let’s discuss some of the most effective workout plans based around these two options.

Note: This is not suggesting that if you pick “performance” you will not look better, or if you pick “looks” you will not become stronger. This is simply based on what your main training focus is.


Primary Benefit: PERFORMANCE

Experience Level: Beginner

This very simple workout is recommended by almost everyone to almost everyone. This routine will help you make big strides forward with your strength. It focuses solely on the primal movement patterns which have huge performance benefits.

It has been used for years with consistent success. This very simple workout plan will teach you the movement basics, and focus on boosting strength in your whole body.

Learn how to do 5×5 here.


Primary Benefit: PERFORMANCE

Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced

This is aimed at people who have a solid strength foundation and want to make steady long term progress. The simplicity of this workout plan is the genius of it. Your strength creeps up slightly week by week, creating a huge compounded effect. 

Check out the different workout plans here.

Body Part Splits

Primary benefit: LOOKS

Experience Level: All

There are hundreds of variations on these, all with the same principle at heart. Each body part is trained separately to create as much hypertrophy in the area as is possible. These workout plans focus on higher reps, less rest and a higher number of exercises.

Some famous rep and set schemes are:

  • 3 set of 10 reps for all exercises
  • 4 sets of 8 reps for all exercises
  • For more experienced trainees, there is:
  • German Volume Training (AKA 10 sets of 10 reps)
  • Gironda’s 8×8 (AKA 8 sets of 8 reps)

The set and rep scheme isn’t the most important part of these workout plans. The most important thing is knowing how to train the individual body parts. Read how to train your, Legs, Back, Chest, Shoulders and Arms, pick a rep scheme, and you are set to go.

Full Body Routines

Primary Function: Can be used for both

Experience Level: All

Although the 5×5, and some 5/3/1 routines are full body routines, what we will discuss here are slightly different. The benefits of doing a full body routine is that you can stimulate large amounts of hypertrophy, and get much stronger than you would doing a body split.

The basic concept behind most full body routines are that every workout you do three things. Squat, push, and pull. So you can pick a movement that fits into these categories, and train three times per week. The sets and rep schemes on these can vary, however, they tend to be around the 5-8 region. The reason for this? You are able to experience high volume (through training frequency) and strength gains by using heavier weights.

Finishing Up

Whatever your choice of workout plan is, the key behind every one is your mentality. Training hard is the pillar to success that runs common through each plan. None of these mean anything unless you are willing to put your whole being into every workout you do. So work hard, work smart and smash your goals.


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