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The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle

The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle

There are a lot of good games out there. Great games however used to be rare, and I haven’t seen one in quiet some time.

The major feature of a great game? It’s different for everyone. No, I’m not talking about tastes, I’m talking about games that deliver a different experience depending on the player. Games where two people meet and talk about the same game, but they have completely different stories to tell. The best games used to give you a simulated environment that responds to your actions, and the result was the story. The Sims used to be such a game.

Here we have the opposite. The Sims 4 is a game designed to get boring so that you are ready to buy more stuff. More, not really new: New furniture and new themes used to mean new animations, new “voiced” actions, and of course new functionality. That is no longer the case. New gameplay is puzzled together with text windows, overblown particle effects and formatted into “quests” that turn what used to be a freeform sandbox into a shopping list, hunting for medals. The “voice” samples get reused just like the animations, and while you can saturate each of your sims’ needs in roughly 15 way by now – with 15 different skills – it always looks the same and feels the same. The basic experience hasn’t changed one bit, and a dozen DLCs did not make the world feel bigger.

The “emotions” eradicated what used to be different personalities and unexpected behavior, and instead of simulated “individuals” you know have a bunch of good looking dolls who all seem to have the same parents and behave the same, react the same – in short: Have become predictable, and therefore just boring.

Does this pack change this? Can we see that the developers have heard that criticism that has been written and spoken and streamed for six years now?

Of course not. The only language EA understands is money. So don’t give it to them.

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