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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

In real 7.9, but considering that some clowns judge that this game is worth 0 for a problem of money (surely they have never had a problem of time), therefore good game, and very good game of the kind. Cooperative Tactical TPS in the open world is successful and successful.

For players worried the shop (micro-transactions) it is not impacting nor in PvE not even in PvP. All weapons schemes are available and identical to those present in the game for free (no weapon cheating in “excluded shop”).
PS: I got all the patterns and skill point of the “Behemoth” Gearscore 80 to 200 being level 50, you just have to crawl ^^.

Level gameplay I strongly advise you to play Extreme (co-op only) because Ubi still greatly reduced the difficulty level “Normal and Difficult”, and it even happens to spoil the immersion in the fight scene because take 30 balls on a breakpoint and not die but kill an enemy in 1 ball in the head is downright “cheat”, if not as much play “The Division”.
Ditto for the HUD I recommend removing the red zone announcing the enemies that will naturally force you to remain constantly vigilant.
PS bis: beware of Shootgun short distance !!! It’s fatal.
It is therefore noted that in extreme the game is punitive but not frustrating, so for those who think that Ubisoft pushes to bought weapons, vehicle, etc., to successfully progress properly in the game, I think the problem does not really come not the level of the game but beautiful and well of your level of play.

For the PvP side, as for PvE a good tactical approach and a pro AIM will remain your best weapons … So no there is no weapon “cheat” or in the shop not even in the game, too bad !

Regarding the scenario, it is very well written and played, however the kinematics running on the graphics engine there is no “Up” which is good for immersion but the facial expression are well below what the we can wait in 2019 for a Triple A and the kinematics is often in the portrait plane this is all the more disappointing. Nevertheless, I did not pass one of them because their narrative content is sufficiently attractive.

Open World, very nice on PC (My GPU: RTX 2080), and much less routine than Wildland, because the enemy bases or all notable differences in their tactical approach. The enemy bases as densely, horizontally as vertically are a mix of difficulty demanding analysis (thinking + patience), responsiveness (skill + decision), luck (some of your friends probably call it “skill”), all this in the discussion and sharing with your teammates.

So I can only recommend this game to anyone at least TPS enthusiast in a PVE universe, with a little more PvP.
Beware the game does not deserve purchase only for the aspect of PvP because in this case there are many other games to buy before (why not promo in some time, yes).

NB: It makes you pay attention to the comment about Mirco-payment, lootbox, often people mix everything, example a purchase of 15 € is not the micro-transaction.
For example take Draecko, we see that his comment is exaggerated, but especially that he speaks without knowing, because no it is not possible to buy points of skill in the game in EU, and there is another lie but as the other says the bigger it goes.

Good game everyone, XOXO

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