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Train When You Don’t Want To

Train When You Don’t Want To

It’s leg day. Your boss was a a-hole, you are tired, it’s raining. Whatever reasons that decide to crash your life, the result is the same. You don’t want to train. This isn’t an uncommon feeling, everyone who trains has days where they would rather take a header off a bridge than crawl to the gym for their 45 mins of hell. But the most in shape people of this world go even when they don’t feel like it. Let’s go through 5 points to think about when you don’t want to train. Most of the time all we need is a little bit of lifting motivation to make that extra push.


1) Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway wrote four to five hundred words per day.Without fail. He plugged away as soon as we woke up in the morning, after that he would drink a bottle of liquor, because writers. But this model is something that we should listen to. The gym is not a magical place that is powered by your constant passion. It is an office, where you have to go to work. You don’t just show up to work when you feel like it, you go because you are required. You must make this shift in your head.

Your success in the gym is formed firstly within your mind. You cannot decide to train on a day to day basis. Your body demands that you train year in, year out. Always remember that you have made a commitment to yourself, to your body, to your future. So when you can’t train, be like Hemingway, suck it up and live up to your commitment.


2) Fear and Weakness

Every time you make a choice that is based in fear or weakness, you are making yourself weaker and more scared. Your brain listens to you every time you decide something, and if you are always pandering to the weak thoughts that enter your mind, you will choose these thoughts more and more.

Do not get into a pattern of validating things like, “I’m tired”, “I can train tomorrow”, “I’ve had a heard day”. These moments are what will test you the most, they will program you to always pick the harder road, and over time it will become easier and easier to dismiss the weakling inside you.

3) You Will Be At Your Strongest

Including the psychobabble we have written above, you will be stronger during these sessions. Why? Firstly, the fact that you have overcome a struggle and decided on the right action makes you stronger. Every time you do this you enter the mental state of growth. Apart from this, it is often common that when people enter the gym without many expectations, the best sessions can occur.

If you are hungover, tired or demotivated you are not going to expect to hit PRs for your entire session, and sometimes this is just the environment your body needs to smash your training. Without the mental pressure of hitting PRs or improving, you can almost transcend the mental aspect of training, and out perform anything you are aiming for. So mentally and physically you can be at your strongest.


4) Remember Your goals

This is a great time for you to remember why you are in the training game anyway. Are you trying to make sure you are healthy for when your kids grow up? Are you trying to fit into your wedding dress? Do you need to be beach ready in a few weeks? Whatever the reason, it is vital that if you are thinking of not training to review that goal. Be honest with yourself, realize that you will not achieve that goal without consistent hard work everyday. It won’t just arrive because you think you deserve it.

Fix firmly into your psyche that without concerted force and action your goals will remain fantasy. Put them in to the front of your mind, focus on them, feel what it is like when you have achieved them. Spend five minutes really visualizing how you will feel, how people will react, what your will achieve. This will root firmly in your subconscious the need to work hard to achieve this aim. Fix this into you mind, and you will get up off your ass and train.


5) Practical Things For Lifting Motivation

Motivation is not something that will keep you going in the long term. The only thing that will do that is solid goals and solid habits. However, when we are talking about a momentary lapse in willpower then motivation is something that can be invaluable.

You need lifting motivation and fast but how to do you get motivated? All you need to do is get a rush to your nervous system, and make your thoughts align with that long term goal you have. This can be done in a number of ways.

  • Listen to some music. This is an easy one, something that gets you pumped up like some early Metallica, Slayer, or Megadeth. (We have been informed that there are other types of music other than metal, we cannot verify this claim). Music that makes you pumped up can have a great impact on your desire to get moving. So throw on some tracks that will make you want to destroy something.
  • Watch some videos. No, not cat videos or fake (it’s just a prank BRO) youtube pranks. I am talking about videos designed to motivate you. There has been a tsunami of motivational material on the internet recently. Most of it is pumped up garbage, but there can be some use for it in the short term. Just google workout motivation, and there should be hundreds of hours of quotes and batman music, is it cheesy? Yes. Can it work? Yes it can. Use anything at your disposal to get your backside out of the house and into the gym
  • Ogle other people. Workout motivation can also come in the form of looking at people you want to look like. Instagram is loaded with pictures of people with a physique that will make you feel like a whale. This isn’t to discourage you, but sometimes holding an ideal out in front of you can motivate you to work harder when you didn’t think you could.

So stop reading this, apply some of the points and GET YOUR ASS TO THE GYM.

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