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Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital

I have never played Theme Hospital before, so I missed out on the fun that most people say they had when they played the prequel to this game. I’ve played all sorts of sim games, so naturally I was interested in Two Point Hospital as well.

The game is pretty interesting and keeps you interested for quite some time, but it heavily lacks variety so you’ll only be able to play it in bursts. It’s more of a need fulfillment simulator than a tycoon sim. There isn’t a lot of variation with what you do besides making sure that both your patients and your staff are happy and healthy.

As you progress further into the game, more elements are introduced to make the game more varied, and the objectives get harder to fulfill in order to beat the map. There is a lot of micromanaging involved so that everyone is equally satisfied.

The reason why I didn’t give this game an 8 is because some features in the game are basically ignored like setting the prices to things and customizing rooms, and because some mechanics can be abused to fulfill certain objectives without any sense of aesthetic or logic (i.e. you can spam paintings to meet the attractiveness need).

Also, there is a serious bug where you can’t meet the needs of patients even when you’ve met them. For example, even when you have plenty of vending machines installed to fulfill a person’s need for hunger, they might never use them and just starve themselves to dissatisfaction, causing you to lose that patient for no justifiable reason. This was hugely unfair and didn’t follow common sense.

In any case, I think a good amount of fun can be had with this game, but I don’t think it deserves anything higher than an 8. It is a sim that’s nowhere near as complex as a game like The Sims. I think anyone who gives it a 9 or 10 is probably just biased because they loved playing Theme Hospital in the past. Not that nostalgia isn’t a good thing I suppose, but reviews should not be influenced by that as well as hype.

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