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Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital

Simple management simulation themed around a wacky hospital.

+ Trip down memory road to theme hospital, in look, tone and gameplay.
+ Meta-game and steam profile interface is nice and gives a layer of interest not present in the forebears.
+ Training focus or cure focus seem like interesting strategies to try.

– Has not evolved from theme hospital, retaining both design flaws and repetivity.
– Room building is very tedious, has not learnt from other sim games (prefabs / templates).
– Game balance is very poor: money is unimportant, room attraction can be gamed due to linear balance curve, training process can be unintuitive, flow and pacing causes big lulls (but not lulz).

For the first 2/3 hours this felt like a better game, but over time the repetitive core player loop out-weighed the new content and gameplay.

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