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Workout Routines For men

Workout Routines For men

So you are looking for inspiration in the gym? Tired of picking up heavy things with no direction? Fear not, we have some ideas for you that will get your training off the ground. Remember that when you are aiming to improve your body, you need to have focused goals, and the right routine to help you. If you are just going into the gym and doing what you fancy when you get there, you will not make any progress, and you will quit very quickly.

Let’s take a look at one very important concept before we talk about specific routines. That concept is called Progressive overload. The definition of this is the gradual increase of stress placed upon the body during exercise training.

These two fancy sounding words are the most important rule that you must add to your training. Whatever type of training that you opt for, you must always use progressive overload. How do you do that? Quite simply, you keep improving. The weights get heavier, the reps get faster, the jumps get higher etc etc. You must always make sure that you are putting your body under more stress than before, and the programs we can suggest to you will help you to do just that. Let’s take a look at four different options that you could choose for your workout routine.


The classic style of weightlifting that most people think of then they think of a gym. Although you may not want to compete in a bodybuilding competition any time soon, this style of training can be a great way to focus your mind in the gym. Why are some reasons you could choose bodybuilding, and which routines are good?

Loads of Info

Since the golden era of Arnold, bodybuilding officially has mainstream popularity. People might not watch the competitions on television, but bodybuilding is something that everyone on earth knows about, and many people dabble with.

The result of this is that there are millions of articles, hundreds of machines and centuries worth of YouTube tutorials on how to correctly body build. Granted, there is a lot of nonsense out there, but there is also some genuinely brilliant science that has been created in the name of bodybuilding. This means that you will never be short on ideas, on reading material, and with a community of like minded people striving for the same goal.

It Makes You Sexy

Bodybuilding is all about aesthetics. Nobody cares how useful your perfectly sculpted pecs are, they look good, and that is all that matters. If you are looking to improve your physique, if you are tired of being out of shape at the beach, and with a bulge when you sit in a chair, this is the quickest way out.

For example Bodybuilding creates the illusion of a narrow waist with wider shoulders, it sculpts the body in ways that make it much more aesthetically pleasing. So a reason to try bodybuilding? You will be a much sexier version of yourself!

Routines To Try

We are not going to spell out a routine here, but here is some guidance. Beginner: Try a full body workout for the first six to eight months. Something like this or this.

Intermediate: You have loads of options. Maybe 5/3/1 Boring but Big, Gironda’s 8×8, or perhaps Arnold’s Agonist-Antagonist training. At this stage you will be advanced enough to understand your body. Pick a routine and follow it to the letter and you will make progress. Trust the great trainers that are out there.


The uglier, fatter, stronger and way cooler brother of Bodybuilding. Powerlifting is a simple yet brutal sport. It consists of three movements. Bench, Deadlift, and Squat. Your aim? Move as much weight as you can. Simple, yet brutal. This type of training is perfect for someone looking to develop their strength. As a by product, as long as you get your diet in check, this will also give you a great physique. However, aesthetics are not the primary purpose of this training. Let’s look at some benefits and routines.

You Become Inhumanely Strong

Since you are using big compound movements all the time, and you are using loads of weight, you will be strong, very very strong. It will translate to your daily life too. Need to lift something heavy? Carry all the shopping bags at once? This will make your back, legs, abs, grip all way stronger. And which man out there doesn’t want to be strong?

Simple Goals

Unlike bodybuilding whereby your aesthetics are judged on a subjective basis, Powerlifting is much simpler. The difference is a bit like English Literature and Mathematics. In Literature, although the explanations you give about what Macbeth was thinking might be very sexy and interesting, they are subjective. Whereas in Mathematics, you get it right, or you get it wrong. In powerlifting, you either lift the weight or it crushes you, there is no subjectivity. This simple logic is very attractive to some people out there.


Beginners: Stronglifts 5×5. The quintessential strength program. Also, google Mark Rippetoe starting strength. He is one of the most informed coaches out there, and will get you started nicely.

Intermediates: Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1, or the legendary Westside Barbell program. Have a go, be consistent and crush your goals.

And what of a shredding workout routine for men? Well, your best bet is to head over and read out lean body diet. It’s an eight week program that’ll shed any excess fat – read about it here.


You have probably heard the tired comparison between long distance runners and sprinters. One looks like a prisoner of war escapee, the other like a muscled chiseled beast. It is for this and many other reasons that sprinting can be a great option for people who want to get into shape. Let’s look at some reasons.

Useful, And Awesome

Running fast has been a useful skill since the dawn of man, and although you may not be chasing down your dinner anytime soon, running is still a good skill to have. The way that your body responds to sprint training is similar to weight training, your hormones, heart, bones, muscles all respond favorably to sprint training. There is a lighthearted bodybuilding.com article on it here. So it makes you look great and does wonders for your metabolism and loads of other internal things. What’s not to like? How about some routines, let’s take a look.

Beginner: Just start with a simple HIIT routine like this. Do it several times per week, then start supplementing your sprinting with some weight lifting.

Intermediate: Check out this great routine for sprinting. It involves all the aspects of weight training that you can add to your program too. Remember, to maximize your sprinting times, strengthening your body comes inside the gym too, not just on the track.

Hope that this has given you a little bit of inspiration for your training. Get informed about which type of training suits you and your lifestyle best. Get training!

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