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Workout Routines For Women

Workout Routines For Women

Running, running and more running. This seems to be the mantra that many ladies out there live by when it comes to getting in shape. It is fine if you enjoy jogging, and to supplement a program that you are completing, there isn’t anything wrong with it. However, if you are trying to get into the best shape you can be in, there are other options. Let’s take a look at some options that are better than what you’re probably doing. More fun, and more effective, let’s dive into workout routines for women that’ll get you in the best shape of your life!

The Best Workout Routines For Women

Bodybuilding and Aesthetics

Taking a wild guess, if you are reading this, chances are that you aren’t looking to compete in the next “Olympia” show. If you are then great! But for most of the population, the look they are trying to achieve is a little different.

Most ladies can feel a little reluctant to undertake a “bodybuilding” program since what pops into their mind can be enormous juiced up ladies hitting the Olympia stage. However, the vast majority of competitors and women who undertake a bodybuilding program are nothing like that. That is why we include that second word, “aesthetics”. The roots of bodybuilding are about manipulating the body to reach so called perfection. That is what we are going for. So what are some of the benefits of undertaking a bodybuilding program?

Problem Areas

We all have one area of our body that we wish was tighter, less flabby, thicker. And for the majority of people out there, they just pray that this works itself out. Not if you undertake bodybuilding style training. In bodybuilding, you actively attack your problem areas. Let’s say you want a firmer, bigger butt. Well, bodybuilding has many weapons in it’s arsenal (pun intentional), squats, glute bridges, lunges etc etc. This goes for any body part, with a combination of focused training and dieting, you can fix those problem areas.


Running on a treadmill, rowing on the rowing machine, and pummelling the crosstrainer. What do all of these things have in common? Yes! They are boring.  Bodybuilding, and weight training in general is endlessly varied. There are hundreds of machines to try out and play with. Although you will always return to the big basic moves, the amount of ways you can change up your training is amazing. This is a big bonus!

Number two – Strength and Performance

Again, guesses are that people reading this aren’t hoping to become World’s strongest anytime soon. But that doesn’t matter, because the method of training for strength is insanely effective, and can really get you where you want to be in your results. Strength and performance training can be a number of things. Whether it is powerlifting, strongman (woman) training, Olympic lifting. All of these can be used with great effect. What are some of the benefits?


Whilst your life might not always require you to pick up cars and atlas stones everyday, the usefulness of strength shouldn’t be underrated. Building a strong physique won’t only make you look amazing, but everything will work better. What do we mean? Well, you will be training your body as a whole, and thus have everything working together as one strong unit. Whatever demands daily life has for you, your body will be strong enough to cope every time.

Concrete Goals

If you are someone who likes to see progress in things other than the mirror, then strength and performance training gives you some great benefits. Take powerlifting for example, the aim of the game is to squat, bench and deadlift as much weight as you can. So every kilogram you add to that total is progress. It is much less subjective than a bodybuilding competition. You will always be able to track progress on numbers. This appeals to many people’s goal driven mind. And for many competitive ladies out there, this is just the ticket.


Not soley the preserve of loinclothed bearded men in India, or of the size zero kale warriors of LA. Yoga is an incredible ancient art, that has stuck around for thousands of years for good reason. It was originally practiced as a method of spiritual trancendence. It’s teachings are mystical and speak about forces within the body that are largely untouched or unexplored by western science. But enough about that, why should you use it as a workout routine?

Posture, Flexibility, Muscle Tone.

There are hundreds of benefits that yoga can bring you. Notably, you will be doing alot of stretching, hence the flexibility.  Your posture will improve greatly, no more desk slump! And yes, your muscles, your fat, your physique will improve! The movements are all very low impact, so anyone with sensitive joints would be well advised to have a go. Even though the movements are not heavy impact like weight lifting, they are very challenging. Don’t assume that you won’t be putting yourself through a tough workout. Get your diet in order, and your body will change and improve aesthetically.

Mental Well Being

As is the case with most physical training, there will always be a positive mental outcome. With yoga however, the mind is one of the primary targets for improvement. People who practice yoga are less stressed, breathe deeper, and can handle challenges with greater emotional strength. There is no surprise that in today’s hectic society, yoga is on the rise, as the physical and mental benefits are both compelling reasons to try it out.


This is just a fancy word for body weight exercises. That is in no way to dismiss the difficulty in calisthenics, because it is difficult. It is akin to doing gymnastics or something of that sort. The benefits are amazing, people who are well training in calisthenetics are always in great shape. Have you ever tried doing a muscle up? Well, it’s real hard.

Little To No Equipment

Apart from maybe a chinning bar, a lot of the time you can get some pretty great body weight work exercise done without having any equipment. This is also great for someone on a budget. Most local parks will have a chinning bar where you can get your pulling work done, and for the rest, as long as you have 2 square meters, you are fine!

Friend Sport, or Home Sport.

A lot of people who do calisthenics do it together. There is a strong group of people who are into this kind of training. It is very useful to train with others to spot your technique etc. However, the opposite is also true. If you are a super busy person with no time to go and socialize while you train, you can do everything at home. Get a chinning bar, get a program, and you are away!

Hopefully this has given you some ideas as to how to get your training sorted. Have a look at some of our programs for each of these routines. Get committed, and get into great shape!

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